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What Machine Is Used To Put Labels on Bottles

Many manufacturers are looking for machines that can apply unique labels on bottles to increase the brand's market share. As an important container, bottles can be divided into round bottles, oval bottles, square bottles, conical bottles or special-shaped bottles according to their shapes. Due to the different packaging products, the labeling machine may need to realize functions of security seals labeling, small non-freestanding bottles labeling. Below will introduce several kinds of bottles labeling. If you can not find the one you need or you have detailed packaging requirement of the machine, please send us email to get the customized packaging solution.

1. Single side/double side/wrap-around labeling on round bottles/jars

①Single side labeling

If you don’t have more labeling requirement and just need a labeler for the single side labeling on regular round bottles, we will recommend labeling machine with press belt. Bottles/Jars will roll through the pressing belt during transporting and complete labeling work. This is faster than other kind of labeling method.

single side labeling for round bottles
SH-TB200R single sides labeling on round sauce bottles 

②Double sides labeling & wrap-around labeling (end to end)

If you have the packaging requirement of double sides labeling or wrap-round labeling, then we will recommend the three roller labeling machine. For double sides labeling, the distance between front and back side labels can be adjusted according to production need. For wrap-around labeling(end to end), the labeling machine with press belt can realize this function as well, but the labeling accuracy will not so higher than the three roller labeling machine. The two sides of the label will be staggered at the junction, usually with an error of 2-3mm.The three roller labeling machine can reduce this error to 1mm.If you are not the end to end wrap-around labeling, your label only needs to cover three-quarters of the bottle or leave a distance at both ends of the label, then we will recommend the labeling machine with press belt.

dropper bottle labeling machine
SH-TB500 single side & double side labeling on round essential oil bottles
wine bottle labeling machine
SH-TB260 double sides labeling on wine bottles
semi-automatic wine bottle labeling machine
SH-TB190 Semi-automatic wine bottle labeling machine
comparison video of wrap-round labeling machine
labeling accuracy comparison of wrap-round labeling 

2. Double side/wrap-around labeling on square bottles/jars 

①Double sides labeling

For double sides labeling on square/oval bottles, we will recommend labeling machine with below labeling structure, it is also suitable for single sides labeling on square/oval bottles. Another side labeling structure can stop work if you need the single side labeling.

Double sides labeling for flat bottle
SH-TB300N double sides labeling on laundry detergent bottles

②Wrap-around labeling

For wrap-around labeling on hexagonal bottles, we will recommend labeling machine with below labeling structure. There is a roller on the top side to fix bottles, and bottom plate will rotate bottles and finish labeling.

hexagonal bottle labeling machine
SH-TB550V wrap-around labeling on hexagonal bottles

3. Tamper evident labeling on round bottles

Some of manufactures will need to label tamper evident stickers on round bottles/jars. Labeling machine for this kind of self-adhesive stickers is normally equipped with two labeling structure, one for bottles/jars body, one for bottle caps.

①The tamper-evident label is a complete

tamper evident labeling for honey jar
sticking tamper evident label for honey jar
 ②The tamper-evident label is two separate tamper evident labeling for honey jar
 sticking tamper evident label for hot sauce bottles
SH-TB822A sticking tamper evident label for liquor bottles

4. One bottle with two label stickers on different position

If you need to label two stickers on different position of one bottles, like jam/honey bottles, some manufacturers may stick one labels on bottles caps, and stick another labels on bottle body. Or like the beer bottle labeling, one for bottle body, and another one for bottle neck. Then we will recommend machine with below labeling structures.

beer bottle labeling machine
sticking labels on beer bottle neck & body

5. Labeling machine for conical bottle.

Above bottle labeling machine is for bottles with identical and parallel rounded tops and bottoms. But the conical bottles is different from this. Not only the labeling structure, but also the label winding structure will be customized according to the bottles. Tapered labeling machine can apply stickers to conical bottles perfectly.

tapered labeling machine for conical bottle
SH-TB260  sticking labels on conical bottles

6. Labeling machine for small non-freestanding bottles

This kind of labeling machine can not stand up during transporting, and as they are so small, it is hard and troublesome to put them one by one onto the conveyor. Then horizontal labeling machine with bottle grouping machine can solve this problem perfectly. Bottles can be separated and arranged one by one and finish labeling work.

horizontal labeling machine for vials

SH-TB823 sticking labels on small vials

7. Labeling machine for large round cylinder

Actually this kind of packaging need is same as the regular round bottles, but the labeling structure will be customized for larger cylinders like the fire extinguisher, the bucket.

larger bottle labeling machine

label stickers for large mineral water bottles

If you can not find the same or similar products on our online store, it doesn't mean that we can not offer the suitable packaging solutions, you can send us your products information includes label size, bottle height and diameter, image etc, we will reply you with packaging solution in 24 hours. More information please contact:


1.How long is the warranty period?

Machines sold through our shop will have a one-year warranty. This means that during this year, if there is any malfunction of the machine, our professional after-sales team will provide service to help you adjust the machine or solve the machine malfunction.

2. Do you provide a manual for machine use and adjustment?

Yes, definitely. We will not only provide manuals about machine use and adjustment, we can also provide operating & adjusting video, one-on-one video chat service to help you solve problems of using machine.

3. Do you have the local technical support services?

If you are in Romania or Serbia, you can contact us when you really need this. We will provide paid services.

4. What kind of shipping service will you offer?

For express shipping, we have operated with multiple shipping companies like Fedex, DHL, DUP, UPS, EMS, and the delivery time is about 15-45 business days(remote area may takes longer time) For other shipping method like sea transportation, our sales representative will tell you about the estimated time when they provide you with the quotation form. It is usually 30-60 business days.

5. What kind of payment method will you offer?

we can offer paypal, west union, TT, credit card, wechat pay, Alipay. You will find the best one as your need. If you have any problems about payment, please send us message.

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