SUNHAN is the manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine and other packaging machines. In the pass two years, we receive a lot of messages saying that they want to cooperate with us. We are really glad to build the business relationship with the man who are interested in packaging machine, and we will try our best to help you expand the business.

Why cooperate with SUNHAN

①Get the more competitive price  

②Information about the machine (such as picture & video without watermark/technical information )

③Some free machine accessories are available

④Offer technical support

⑤Stable supply of machine

⑥Design/Custom machine according to your need.

How To Cooperate With Us

We hope that our partners can

have basic mechanical knowledge 

②be interested in packaging machine. 

If you are really interested in cooperating with us, please send us e-mail , we will  help you know more details.

Contact Information

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