Do you provide after-sales service? How long is the warranty period?

Machines sold through our shop will have a one-year warranty. This means that during this year, if there is any malfunction of the machine, our professional after-sales team will provide you with one-to-one video service to help you adjust the machine or solve the machine malfunction.

What payment methods do you offer?

we can offer other payment method like west union,TT,credit card,wechat pay,Alipay.You will find the best one as your need.If you have any problems about payment,please send us message.

What kind of shipping service will you offer?

For express shipping,we have operated with multiple shipping companies like Fedex,DHL,DUP,UPS,EMS,and the delivery time is about 15-45 business days(remote area may takes longer time) For other shipping method like sea transportation,our sales staff will tell you about the estimated time when they provide you with the quotation form. It is usually 30-60 business days

Why can’t my filling machine pump liquid out?

① For magnetic pump,please disassemble filling hose and try to fill liquid into pump directly,repeat 2-3 times,and assemble filling hose again.
② For diaphragm pump,there is some air in filling hose,press inching button or manual button for a long time to pump out the air and ensure the hose is filled with liquid
③ For peristaltic pump,please check if the valve is closed or not.

Why does the liquid spray out during filling?

The filling speed is too fast and you can try to slow down the filling speed at first,take the middle value of the filling speed.

Why can’t the electric eye detect bottles?

① Try to adjust the sensitivity of the lectroc eyes
② Adjust the distance between electric eye and bottles
③ Replace the electric eye