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Located in Foshan, Guangdong Shanghang Technology Limited is manufacturer and trader specialized in the research, development and production of filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine and related packaging machine. The products are mainly sold to the United States, Spain, Canada, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, etc. We have professional after-sales team and 2 local service location (Romania & Serbia) We are looking forward to cooperating with people coming from different countries.

Brand Story

After graduated from university, SUNHAN’s CEO Mr. Leo Lee started his small business at home, selling some small packing machines.

One day, a US gentleman Joe Benamor contacted him. His grandma has passed away for years. She has a secret recipe chili sauce. In remembrance of his grandma, he wants to make and sell this sauce in his garage so that more people can taste it. But he don’t have enough money.

Leo offered him a small filling machine and labeling machine. After several months, Joe came back and thanked for Leo’s help, his business grew very fast and got a large order. He wanted to upgrade his machine to full automatic machine, but he don’t have enough money.

Leo racked his brain, he made the small semi automatic machine to be a full automatic one. Again, it helped a lot to Joe. Now he owns his sauce factory.

At that moment, Leo feels very accomplished. He is concentrated on helping people to find solution for getting their business larger and larger. In this way, his team and factory also grow up very fast. And helping our clients growing became our goal. If you contact us, we will always try our best to find you a solution.

Development History

Company Founded

▶ Company area is 35 ㎡

▶ Consist of 3 employees

Stage Of Entrepreneurship

Began stamping machine development and manufacturing

Extend Production Field

▶ Research & Development filling capping and labeling

▶machineCompany area is 128m2

Replacement Of Larger Office Location

▶Company area extended to 256 ㎡

▶Consist of 10 employees

Faster Development

▶ Obtained certificate of patent

▶ Company area extended to 1200 ㎡

Build Professional Team

▶ Build 6-person professional after-sales team

▶ Consist of 25 employees

Extend Production Investment

▶ Replacement of larger workshop

▶ Two local service location:Romania & Serbia

▶ Consist of 61 employees

Extend Production Investment

▶ Replacement of larger office

▶ Consist of 82 employees

Extend Production Investment

▶ Company area extended to 6800㎡

▶ Consist of 95 employees

▶ Passed ISO9001 quality assurance system


▶ Become a high-tech enterprise

Production Process

Machine Design



Finished Product



Exhibition Experience

China Indonesia Trade Fair


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