Automatic Horizontal Syringe Lipstick Perfume Pens Small Vial Labeling Machine For Test Tube Label Applicator

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Voltage: 110V
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The machine has a unique inclined conveyor belt that ensures that the bottles pass through the labeling heads and are labeled during transport. This machine is suitable for small non-freestanding cylinders, like lipstick labeling, perfume vial labeling, syringe labeling, deodorant bottles labeling. It can label 100-300 bottles/minute, and customers can choose whether to equip the bottle grouping structure according to their production needs.

Main Feature

▶ Designed for horizontal labeling of slim, non-freestanding cylinder like perfume vials, lip balm, pens, syringe, and test tube
▶ Inclined conveyor belt can make bottles slide down to the inner side under the action of gravity, so as to ensure labeling accuracy


Power Supply:110/220V 50-60HZ
Working Speed:100-300 bottles/min
Labeling Accuracy:±1mm
Suitable Labeling Object:Φ10-30mm
Suitable Label Size:20-300mm(L)*20-120mm(W)
Label Roll OD:Φ300mm
Label Roll ID:Φ76mm
Machine Size:2040*690*1370mm(L*W*H)
Machine Weight: About 220kg

Application of Vial Labeling Machine
Machine Component of Vial Sticker Labeling Machine
Machine Details of Vial Labeling Machine
Machine Details of Syringe Labeling Machine
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