Semi-automatic Tube Syringe Perfume Spray Vials Self-adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine Pens Lip Balm Labeler Lipstick Small Bottle Label Applicator

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This semi-automatic labeler machine is designed for the non-freestanding cylinders like lip balm, pens, syringe, perfume vials etc. It has high labeling accuracy, labeling error is about 0.5mm and with good labeling speed.

Main Feature

▶ Suitable for non-freestanding cylinder like pens, lip balm, syringe, perfume vials, tube
▶ It has high labeling accuracy, labeling error is about ±0.5mm

Power Supply:110/220V 50-60HZ
Working Speed:15- 25 pieces/min(based on products and label size)
Labeling Accuracy:±1mm
Suitable Labeling Object:φ 10-35mm,H≤150mm
Suitable Label Size:20-380mm(L)*20-130mm(W)
Label Roll OD:Φ300mm
Label Roll ID:Φ76mm
Machine Size:1000*1000*1400mm
Machine Weight: About 150kg

application of vial labler

semi-automatic vial labeler

Machine details of vial labeler

ampoule bottle labeling machine


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