Semi-automatic Spout Pouch Bag Baby Food Mud Mask Detergent Cosmetic Serum Stand Up Pouch Bag Filling Capping Machine

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Voltage: 110V
Filling Range: 10-100ml
What we offer

▶ 1 Year Warranty

▶ User Manual

▶One-to-one Video Chat Support

▶Install & Debug Video

▶Customized Packaging Solution

Main Feature:
▶Compact machine body, it saves working space 
▶Multiple filling heads can be customized according to production need
▶Filling and capping function at one machine, this saves production cost
▶The machine can be customized with mixing and heating function to pretreat filling material
This machine is suitable for packaging viscous liquid or thick paste into spout pouch and tighten the screwing cap. It is an ideal choice for packaging juice, laundry detergent, cosmetic serum, mud mask etc.
Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
Power: About 110W
Filling Pump: Piston Pump
Filling Range:10-100/10-200/30-300/50-500/100-1000/50-2500/1000-5000ml
(Can be chosen as needed)
Suitable Cap Size: Customized
Suitable Pouch Size: Customized
Machine Size: About 600*1450**880mm

application of spout pouch packaging machine

spout pouch filling capping machine

semi-automatic spout pouch packaging machine

spout pouch filling capping machine

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