Semi-automatic Round Square Hexagonal Jam Hot Sauce Bottle Label Applicator Wrap-around Labeling Machine For Honey Jar

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This labeling machine is designed for labeling stickers on square bottles, round bottles, hexagon bottles etc. The bottle holder will be customized according to bottle size,this can improves labeling accuracy.It is widely used in food,daily chemical, cosmetics industries.

Main Feature


▶Suitable for full circle labeling on round or square bottles.
▶With two working modes: automatic mode and pedal control mode.
▶The bottle holder can be customized according to your products.

Labeling Speed:15-30pcs/min(depending on label and product size)
Suitable Label Size:15mm-200mm(L)*15mm-130mm(W)
Suitable Product Size:Can be customized
Label Roll Inside Diameter:φ76mm
Label Roll Outside Diameter:≤300mm
Labeling Accuracy:±1mm
Package Size:About 1300*1050*1540mm
Package Weight:About 235KG

Application of Square Bottle Labeling Machine

Label Size of Semi-automatic Square Bottle Labeling Machine

Machine Component of Square Bottle Labeling Machine
Machine Details of Square Bottle Labeling Machine-1
Machine Details of Square Bottle Labeling Machine-2
Square Bottle Labeler
Square Bottle Labeling Machine
Hexagonal Bottle Wrap-around Labeling Machine



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