Semi-automatic Gear Pump Drum Barrel Rust Remover Grease Oil Liquid Weight Filling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This semi-automatic filling machine is equipped with gear pump and has large flow rate, it is an ideal choice for filling large volume liquid products like rust remover, grease oil.It is the weight filling machine, operator just need to set the filling weight and the machine can stop automatically.The length of roller conveyor can be customized as needed.It is widely used daily chemical industries.

Main Feature

▶Equipped with stably weighing device, operator sets filling weight to fill liquid, easy to operate.
▶Filling under the submerged liquid surface to prevent foaming during filling.


Voltage:380V 50HZ
Filling Pump:Gear Pump
Number of filling heads:1
Filling range:100-250L
Conveyor length:5m(can be customized)
Output:≤45 barrels/hour (200L)
Required air source:0.6MPa
Accuracy:≤±0.2% (depends on filling material)
Machine size:About 450*1000*1700mm
Package size:About 1360*1100*1840mm
Package weight:About 420kg
application of semi-automatic drum filling machine
machine component of barrel filling machine
machine details of semi-automatic drum filling machine
liquid drum filling machine



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