Semi-automatic Gear Pump Candle Making Equipment Soybean Paraffin Wax Heated Filling Melting Machine

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Machine Model: Single Head
Voltage: 110V
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This machine is equipped with gear pump, it has the heating and filling function. This machine can melt wax and fill them into mold or container, it is the ideal choice for making scented candles.This filling machine has high filling accuracy,and the working speed and temperature can be adjusted as operation need.

Main Feature


▶With mixing, melting and filling functions, this machine can save working space.
▶Multiple filling heads can be customized as production need.


Machine Voltage:110V/220V 50-60HZ
Machine Powder:350W(Filling Machine)+6500W(Heating Tank)
Tank Size:60L
Machine Pump:304 Stainless Steel Gear Pump
Heating Temperature:0-90℃ 
(When setting the temperature, it cannot exceed 100°C)
Working Speed:900pcs/h for 100g
Max Flow Rate:4L/min
Machine Size:About 850*1030*580mm
Machine Weight:About 85.5kg
Application of Wax Filling Machine
Machine Component of Wax Filling Machine
Machine Details of Wax Filling Machine-1
Machine Details of Wax Filling Machine-2
Single Head Wax Filling Machine-1
Single Head Wax Filling Machine-2
Double Heads Wax Filling Machine



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