Semi-automatic Double Heads Peristaltic Pump Nail Varnish Cuticle Oil Filling Machine Packaging Equipment

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Voltage: 110V
What we offer

▶ 1 Year Warranty

▶ User Manual

▶One-to-one Video Chat Support

▶Install & Debug Video

▶Customized Packaging Solution

Main Feature

▶Equipped with a peristaltic pump, the machine transports liquid through the tubing system under the action of gravity, ensuring that filling materials are accurately filled into the container. It is suitable for slightly viscous materials such as nail polish, etc.

Because the liquid being dispensed only comes into contact with the tubing, peristaltic pump fillers are easy to clean and sanitize between production runs

▶Double filling heads can improves working efficiency. We also offer single heads filling machine

▶Compact machine body saves working space.


  • Machine Power: AC 220V/110V 50-60Hz 150W
  • Machine Pump: Peristaltic Pump
  • Max Flow Rate:1800ml/min*2(based on water)
  • Filling Speed:6-30 bottles/min(depend on bottle size and liquid)
  • Filling Accuracy:±1%
  • Suitable Bottle Height:≤90mm
  • Diameter of Filling Nozzle: OD 5mm
  • Machine Size: About 480*350*610mm
  • Machine Weight: About 14.5kg
  • Package Size: About 670*470*390mm
  • Package Weight: About 24kg
application of nail varnish filling machine
datasheet of nail varnish filling machine
machine details of nail varnish filling machine
2 heads nail varnish filling machine


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