Semi-automatic 3 IN 1 BOV Aerosol Sunscreen Spray Paint Cans Filling Capping Machine Packaging Equipment

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Voltage: 110V
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The three processes of can sealing, air filling and liquid filling are completed synchronously on one workbench with PLC as the control unit. It is widely used for aerosol products such as seawater nasal spray, sunscreen spray , high-grade cooking oil in cosmetics or daily chemical industries.

Main Feature

▶ Suction filling is adopted, which is very convenient for feeding and cleaning.
▶ Simultaneously complete the three processes of capping, air filling and liquid filling on one workbench, it is easy to operate.


Valve size:About 1 inch
Air filling capacity:800—1200cans/h
Liquid filling capacity:600-800cans/h
Air filling accuracy:±0.03MPa
Liquid filling accuracy:±1%
Working air pressure:0.5-0.7MPa
Suitable aerosol can diameter:35-65mm
Suitable aerosol can height:70-330mm
Machine size: About 1370*615*1305mm
Package size: About 1230*680*1630mm
Package weight: About 227.5kg

application of BOV aerosol cans filling capping machine
machine component of aerosol cans filling machine
machine details of aerosol spray cans filling machine
aerosol spray cans filling capping machine



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