Horizontal Soap Pillow Flow Type Packing Machine For Biscuit Bread Pillow Pouch Pack Wrapping Machine

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Voltage: 110V
Machine Model: SH-ZB350X
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The pillow type packing machine is used to package block or strip products like cookie, bottles, bread, cupcakes etc. It can be customized for different kinds of packaging film includes bubble wrap, BOPP film, CPP film etc.Top side and bottom side sealing can be customized according to different kinds of packaging object, improves packaging quality.It is suitable for food, commodity, and hardware industries.

Main Feature

▶ Machine can be customized for bubble wrap, top side sealing & bottom side sealing are available.
▶ Sealing temperature can be adjusted according to different kinds of packaging film.
▶  Equipped with servo motor, it has high working speed and high packaging accuracy


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