Honey Chutneys Peanut Butter Fruit Preserve Pickle Round Glass Jar Tamper-proof Bottle Labeling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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▶Customized Packaging Solution

Designed for labeling stickers on bottle body & caps, this machine is suitable for round bottles and can add date coder to printing production date. It is widely used in jam or hot sauce packaging

Main Feature

Equipped with PLC touch screen control panel, the customizable interface is more user-friendly, it shows machine working status more clearly.
▶Designed for the tamper-proof sticker labeling, machine can be customized as needed.
▶Made of high quality machine component like Siemens, Coreken, machine works stably and not hard to find the machine component in local market.
▶It can work with high speed filling and capping machine to finish complete packaging production.


  • Power supply:AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1000W
  • Labeling capacity(bottles/min):15-30 bottles/min(depends on bottle size)
  • Labeling accuracy(mm):±1.0mm
  • Suitable Bottle Diameter:Φ12-100mm
  • Label size(mm):(W)20-300mm (H)15-150mm(Can be customized to 200mm)
  • Roll inside diameter(mm):Φ75mm
  • Roll outside diameter(mm):Φ350mm
  • Conveyor Size:112*2000mm(W)
  • Machine size:About (L)2000*(W)820*(H)1380(mm)
  • Machine weight:About 180kg
  • Packing Size:About (L)2100*(W)890*(H)1520(mm)
  • Package weight: About 250kg

application of honey jar labeling machine

machine configuration of honey jar labeling machine

honey jar labeling machine

machine details of honey jar labeling machine-1
machine details of honey jar labeling machine-2
honey bottle labeler machine





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