Full Automatic High Speed Bottle Cap Screwing Capping Machine Detergent Bottle Capper Tightening Equipment

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This full automatic high speed capping equipment is with 8 capping heads and can work at the same time, bottle caps can be tightened during conveying. There is no stop in transporting bottles during capping process. It also equipped with the  products detecting structure ,which can separate unqualified and qualified products. This capper can pack 9000BPH, it is perfect for large scale production and ensures tight caps for a secure seal for consumers.

Equipped with cap feeding machine and cap vibrating machine, these can save working labor and improve working speed.
▶ Suitable for large scale production, it can tighten 9000 bottles/hour.
▶ Equipped with unqualified products detecting structure, this can improve production quality.

Number of capping heads:8 heads
Power supply:380V 50Hz 3KW
Air pressure:0.5Mpa-0.6Mpa
Production capacity:9000 bottles/hour
Applicable cover size: customized
Applicable bottle type: customized
Cap torque control type: permanent magnetic clutch
Conveyor height:900±50mm

application of automatic screw capping machine for bottles

machine component of screw capping machine

working principle of capping machine

machine details of capping equipment

bottle screw capping machine


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