Flat Surface Self-adhesive Sticker Labeler Assembly Line Bottle Box Carton Side Labeling Machine

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This label applicator is suitable for sticking self-adhesive labels on the side flat surface of objects like carton, bottles, bucket etc. This labeler is suitable for assembly line, when products pass through, the stickers will be labeled fast and smoothly.

Main Feature

▶ Can work with conveyor and realize one part of the production line
▶ Can label 40-150 pieces/min

Power Supply:110/220V 50-60HZ
Working Speed:40-150 bottles/min
Labeling Accuracy:土1mm
Suitable Label Size:6-300mm(L)*15-130mm(W)
Label Roll OD:Label Roll OD
Label Roll ID:φ76mm
Machine Size:890*690* 1430mm(L *°W"H)
Machine Weight: About 70kg

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