Cuticle Oil Cosmetics Dispensing Pen Filling Cap Pressing Machine Packaging Equipment

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Voltage: 110V
What we offer

▶ 1 Year Warranty

▶ User Manual

▶One-to-one Video Chat Support

▶Install & Debug Video

▶Customized Packaging Solution

Main Feature

▶Work with pen sorting machine, it can filter out pen with incorrect orientation

▶High working filling accuracy, it can reach 3ml±0.1ml

▶High working capacity, it can reach 2000-2300BPH

▶Machine can be customized according to pen size.


  • Voltage:110/220V
  • Filling pump: ceramic pump
  • Number of filling heads:2 heads -diving nozzle
  • Suitable pen size: Customized
  • Filling volume:3 ml (can be customized)
  • Filling error:±0.1 ml (based on filling capacity and filling materials)
  • Speed:2000-2300 pieces/hour
  • Machine material:304 stainless steel
  • Machine size:About 4270*2320*1930mm
  • Packaging size:About 1130*600*650mm(Vibratory Bowl Sorter)+About 1160*700*740mm(Bracket)+About 1340*1100*1260mm(Sorting Machine)+About 1350*1060*1830mm(Main Machine)
  • Packing weight: About 93kg(Vibratory Bowl Sorter) +About 93kg(Bracket)+About 287kg(Sorting Machine)+About 311kg(Main Machine)
work process of cuticle oil pen filling capping machine
datasheet of cuticle oil pen filling capping machine
machine details of Cuticle oil pen filling capping machine-1
machine details of cuticle oil pen filling capping machine-2
machine details of cuticle oil pen filling capping machine-3
cuticle oil pen packaging machine


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