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This heating tunnel is suitable for shrinking PP/PET/PVC/POF on the bottle body, it can be connected to automatic filling and capping machine to realize automated production. This machine is widely used in food, daily chemical and cosmetics industries.

Main Feature


▶With far infrared heating design, it can create smooth shrinking surface.
▶Can be widely used to shrink labels of glass bottle, plastic bottles etc.


Machine Name:Heat Shrinking Packing Machine
Power of Heating Tube:8KW
Conveying Speed:0-10m/min
Suitable Film Material:PP/PET/PVC/POF
Size of Shrinking Furnace:120*31*12cm
Suitable Product Size:φ120mm H310mm
Conveyor Loading Capacity:Within 5kg
Conveyor Size:150.5*10cm
Temperature of Shrinking Furnace:0-250°C
Gross Weight: About 120kg
application of bottle shrinking machine
machine component of bottle shrinking machine
machine details of bottle shrinking machine-1
machine details of bottle shrinking machine-2
bottle shrinking machine



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