Automatic Water-cooled Aluminum Foil Bottle Caps Continuous Induction Sealing Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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The working principle of the machine is that when a metal aluminum foil is close to the induction head, eddy current will be generated on the aluminum foil to generate heat and then seal the bottle mouth. The degree of heat generation is determined by the strength of the eddy current, the level of frequency and the length of action time. The whole machine has a self-check function to ensure the safety of work. The machine adopts a double water-cooled self-circulation cooling system, which can be used to cool the induction head and the power module of the machine host respectively.

Main Feature

▶Designed for sharp mouth bottles and normal bottles, it can seal 80 bottles/min at max.
▶With the way of water cooling, it can dissipate heat effectively.


Voltage:220V 50Hz
Sealing Speed:About 0-80 bottles/min
Sealing Diameter:15-60mm(Can be customized)
Sealing Height:50-335mm
Cooling Method:Water Cooling
Application:Suitable for normal bottles and sharp mouth bottles, plastic and glass bottles. Inapplicable for glass caps, metal bottles or metal caps.
Machine Size:About 707*950*1510mm(L*W*H)
Machine Weight:About 76kg
Package Size:About 660*790*1430mm
Package Weight:About 106kg
Application of Bottle Induction Sealing Machine


Machine Component of Bottle Induction Sealing Machine
Machine Details of Bottle Induction Sealing Machine-1
Machine Details of Bottle Induction Sealing Machine-2
Bottle Induction Sealing Machine



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