Automatic Vertical Form Bagged Granule Coffee Bean Broccoli Biscuit Cookie Weighing Filling Sealing Machine VFFS Packaging Machine

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This 10 heads weighing filling sealing machine is suitable for packaging bagged granular products such as candy, agricultural products, etc. or strips, blocky type products such as biscuits, potato chips, etc. It is widely used in medicine, daily chemicals, food, pesticides and special industries. This machine can customize the sealing method according to the production need, such as back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal.

Main Feature

Equipped with Z type elevator which can supply material in time.
Suitable for bagged granule or block shape material like coffee bean, broccoli, biscuit.
Different kinds of sealing method can be customized as needed.


Power supply: 380V 50HZ
Power:5.5 kW
Air source:0.3cbm/min, 0.65Mpa
Sealing method:back side sealing
Measurement range:500-3000g
Bag size:length 100-400mm, width 100-300mm
Film width:Max 630mm
Film thickness:6-12C
Packing speed:15-30 packs/min
Machine size:About 6000*5000*5000mm
Packing weight:About 1800KG
Bagged Granule Packaging Machine


Machine Component of Bagged Granule Packaging Machine
Machine Details of Bagged Granule Packaging Machine-1
Machine Details of Bagged Granule Packaging Machine-2
Granule Packaging Machine



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