Automatic High Accuracy UV Laser Glass Plastic Bottle Positioning Marking Machine

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Main Feature

▶Widely used in surface marking of glass, metal, plastic(Not suitable for HDPE), wood, etc.
▶Equipped with industrial chiller for temperature control.
▶Support different languages(Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German...)
▶Use ultraviolet laser beams to mark or engrave various materials.
▶The angle of the laser structure can be adjusted.


  • Actual output power:≥5.5KW
  • Machine power:800w
  • Laser wavelength:355nm
  • Control system:10.2-inch touch screen (Linux system)
  • Production speed:0-130m/min (depending on the material)
  • Minimum line width:0.0012mm
  • Marking range:110X110mm (optional)
  • Marking speed:≥12000mm/s
  • Cooling method:water cooling
  • Multi-language:English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, etc( can be added)
  • Suitable material:Glass, metal, plastic, wood, leather, acrylic, nano, cloth, ceramic, purple sand, and coated film (Actual testing is required due to different ingredients)
  • Package size:About 630*430*210mm(Lens)
                         About 680*410*560mm(Industrial Chiller)
                         About 670*410*560mm(Power Supply Host)
  • Package weight:About 13kg(Lens)
                              About 24kg(Industrial Chiller)
                              About 13kg(Power Supply Host)
application of laser marker
laser machine for marking
machine details of glass laser marking machine-1
machine details of glass laser marking machine-2
real shot of laser marker-1
real shot of bottle laser coder-2


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