Automatic Top and Bottom Side Paper Carton Sealer Self-Adjusting Carton Taping Sealing Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This carton sealing machine is designed for sealing different sizes of paper carton,the working height and width will be adjusted automatically according to carton size.The self-adjusting carton taping machine is more convenient and easier to operate.

Main Feature


▶The working height and width can be changed automatically according to carton size.
▶Can work with coding machine to code production date or batch number.
▶Can work with other machine like labeling machine to realize automated production.


Machine Power:110/220V 50-60HZ 240W
Conveyor Speed:18m/min
Tape Width:≤ 60mm Width
Transmission mode:Conveyor belt transmission on both sides
Max Carton Size:813*432*508mm(L*W*H)
Min Carton Size:355*305*127mm(L*W*H)
Package Size:About 1100*1000*1720mm
Package Weight:About 252kg
Working Process of Self-adjusting Carton Sealing Machine
Machine Component of Self-adjusting Carton Sealing Machine
Machine Details of Self-adjusting Carton Sealing Machine-1
Machine Details of Self-adjusting Carton Sealing Machine-2
Self-adjusting Carton Sealing Machine
Automatic Self-adjusting Carton Sealing Machine
Self-adjusting Paper Carton Sealing Machine



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