Automatic Servo Motor Double Heads Hair Cream Sprayer Liquid Soap Car Cleaner Dish Detergent Lotion Bottle Tracking Filling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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Video For Filling Laundry Detergent

Main Feature
▶Equipped with gear pump, this machine is suitable for filling fluid like lotion, serum, body oil, moisturizer, shampoo, care solution
▶Servo motor control the quantitative filling, enter certain number to set filling volume, easy to operate and has high filling accuracy.
▶Can work with automatic capping and labeling machine to realize automated production
▶This automatic thick liquid filling machine has the memory function, operator can save multiple sets of data and call working data as production need.
▶Pneumatic anti-dripping nozzle can prevent filling material from dripping during filling work.
▶In the whole filling process, the filling speed can be divided into two settings (the initial filling speed and the filling speed near the end), which can effectively cut down on the foam during the filling.
▶With one-button cleaning function, the machine can pump water and clean the machine for 5 cycles

This automatic bottle filling machine is designed for filling viscous liquid or thick paste in bottles (bottles should be vertically conveyed, no matter plastic bottle or the glass bottle) , it is widely used in food, cosmetics, daily chemical and other industries.


  • Power supply:110/220V 50-60HZ 5KW
  • Filling pump:Gear Pump
  • Filling range:100-3000ml
  • Bottle size:H=80-180mm W=15-120mm
  • Working speed: About 20-80 bottles/min (2 heads)
  • Filling accuracy: About ±0.5%
  • Air pressure: About 0.5-0.8MPa
  • Machine size: About 2900*1400*1980mm(L*W*H)

application of lotion filling machine

lotion filling machine

machine details of lotion filling machine-1

machine details of lotion filling machine-2

lotion bottle filling machine


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