Automatic Pump Head Spray Bottle Shampoo Laundry Detergent Hand Gel Shampoo Cap Screwing Capping Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This capping machine is using 4 rubber wheels to tighten bottle caps, it is suitable for various kinds of bottle caps like dropper bottles, spray bottles, trigger pump bottles.The biggest advantage of this capping machine is that it can work with other automated packaging machine which has long conveyor to realize the automated capping work.

Main Feature

▶The machine is removable and can work with automatic machine with conveyor belt.
▶Without bottle baffle, it works faster, can tighten 45 bottles/min.
▶Working height can be adjusted according to connected conveyor belt height.


Machine voltage:110/220V 50-60Hz 1KW
Working speed:About 48 bottles/min
Cap diameter:20-68mm(standard) 15-70mm/20-115mm(customized)
Bottle size:80-300mm (H)*25-150mm(Diameter)
Machine size:About 600*1030*1700mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight:About 200kg
Package size:About 1270*720*1870mm
Package weight:About 241kg
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Automatic Bottle Capper
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