Automatic PET Beverage Bottles Logo Date CO2 Laser Coding Marking Machine For QR Code

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Voltage: 110V
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This laser coder achieves the effect of creating date/LOGO/QR code/barcode on the surface of products or packaging materials by using a focused beam of light to engrave or physically change the top layer of the substrate. This laser code dater machine has the advantages of fast working speed and high precision, and is widely used for PET bottles, metal ring-pull cans in food, cosmetics and daily chemical industries

Main Feature

▶ With ceramic plunger pump, it can fill liquid precisely.
▶ Feed test tubes and caps, fill liquid, cap bottles at one machine, it saves space and labor cost.
▶Different kinds of filling range can be chosen as needed.


Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
Working Speed:PVC tubes: 40 m/min
PET bottles: 20000 bottles/h
Coated cartons: 35 m/min
Marking Area:70*70/90*90/110*110/140*140mm
Marking Depth:3mm(depending on materials)
Repeat Frequency:20-200Hz
Cooling Method:Air Cooling
Machine Weight:About 110kg
Machine Size:About 1430*565*930mm
Gross Weight:About 118kg
Package Size:About 1680*520*690mm
Application of Laser Coder
Machine Component of Laser Coder
Machine Details of Laser Coder
CO2 Laser Date Coding Machine



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