Automatic Liquor Gin Spirits Bottle Sleeve Shrink Band Wine Capsule Tamper Evident Caps Heat Shrinking Packaging Machine

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Voltage: 110V
What we offer

▶ 1 Year Warranty

▶ User Manual

▶One-to-one Video Chat Support

▶Install & Debug Video

▶Customized Packaging Solution

Main Feature

▶Changing machine component can be used for different size of shrink band
▶Equipped with shrink band feeding structure, it can supply shrink band in time 
▶Can be connected after capping machine and work as one part of complete filling system
The machine has clutch protection device, when bottle get stuck, the machine will stop to work automatically
▶Use timing screw to convey bottles, this can improves working stability of the machine


  • Power Supply: 110/220/380V 50-60HZ 4KW
  • Bottle Height: 180-350mm
  • Wine Capsule Size : L=30-70mm D=30-50mm
  • Bottle Diameter: 60-100mm
  • Working Capacity: 2000BPH
  • Suitable Material: PVC
  • Temperature Range: 0-300℃
  • Size Of Air Compressor Connector: OD 8mm
  • Machine Size: About 2190*950*1860mm
  • Package Size: About 1850*1120*2180mm
  • Package Weight: About 483kg

application of shrink band shrinking machine

shrink band shrinker equipment

machine details of shrink band shrinking machine-1

machine details of shrink band shrinking machine-2

wine shrink band sealing machine


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