Automatic Juice Soymilk Milk Brick Carton Filling Sealing Machine Aseptic Packaging Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This aseptic juice carton filling packaging machine is equipped with disinfection system, filling system and molding system. The filling liquid needs to be sterilized and filled into the folded carton through the pipeline, the finished product is output after the sealing is completed. This machine has high working capacity, and it is suitable for mass production, It is widely used in beverage, water and liquor industries. We can also offer the machine for tetra pack carton (with caps).

Main Feature

▶ Suitable for UHT sterilized liquid milk and various non-carbonated beverages
▶ Provides multiple sterilization protections such as sterile air, hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet irradiation, ozone sterilization, etc.
▶ Equipped with remote control module, this can realize remote online monitoring and remote debugging.


Power Supply:380/220V/110V 50Hz-60HZ
Actual Power Consumption:8KW
Filling Capacity: Customized( 200-1000ml )
Compressed Air Pressure:>0.6mpa (6Bar)
Packaging Speed:5000 cartons/hour
Hydrogen peroxide:0.2kg/h, 35% food grade
Package Form: Brick-shaped carton packages
Packaging Material: Paper AL/ PE laminated materials.
Machine Size:4200mm x1800mm x4000mm (L* W * H)
Machine Weight:3000KG

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Machine Component of Brick Carton Packaging Machine
Detailed Introduction of Brick Carton Packaging Machine
Detailed Introduction of Brick Carton Packaging Machine-2
Detailed Introduction of Brick Carton Packaging Machine-3
Milk Carton Packaging Machine
Aseptic Milk Carton Packaging Machine
Working Process of Aseptic Milk Carton Packaging Machine




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