Automatic High Speed Round Bottle Jam Jar Cans Self-adhesive Sticker Star Wheel Labeling Machine For Hot Sauce Bottle Label Applicator

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Voltage: 110V
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The labeling structure is designed with star wheel, compared with other round bottle labeling machine, it removes he bottle separating wheel (which is used to control the distance between bottles and bottles during conveying).The labeling speed and labeling speed are greatly improved while machine debugging becomes easier. This labeler is more suitable for small diameter cylinder. It is the ideal choice for larger scale production in food, cosmetics and daily chemical industries.

Main Feature

Design with a star wheel to feed labeling objects, this can improves working capacity and labeling accuracy
▶With the change in bottle diameter, Starwheel on the machine has to be changed.
Suitable for full or partial wrap around labelling on different sizes of round containers
▶It can work with high speed filling and capping machine to realize automated production


  • Power supply:AC220V 50H-60HZ 2000W
  • Labeling capacity(bottles/min):60-100 bottles/min(depends on bottle size)
  • Labeling accuracy(mm):±1.0mm
  • Suitable Bottle Diameter:Φ30-100mm H 30-120mm
  • Label size(mm):(L)20-300mm (H)15-130mm(Can be customized)
  • Roll inside diameter(mm):Φ76mm
  • Roll outside diameter(mm):Φ350mm
  • Conveyor Size:112*2000mm(W) (Can be customized)
  • Machine size:About 2100*1230*1380mm(L*W*H)
  • Machine weight:About 200kg
  • Package size:About 2060*1070*1550mm(L*W*H)
  • Package weight:About 304kg
application of high speed bottle labeler
datasheet of high speed bottle labeler
label size of high speed bottle labeler
machine details of high speed bottle labeler-1
machine details of high speed bottle labeler-2


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