Automatic Glass Liquor Bottle Spirits Liqueurs Vodkas Whisky Filling Bar Top Cork Stopper Capping Tamper Evident Band Shrinking Labeling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
What we offer

▶ 1 Year Warranty

▶ User Manual

▶One-to-one Video Chat Support

▶Install & Debug Video

▶Customized Packaging Solution

Main Feature

▶Equipped with 316 stainless steel magnetic pump, this is suitable for the weakly corrosive & low viscosity liquid
▶Vibrating bowl sorting machine makes T-cork be in order before capping work, saves working process and labor
▶Work with tamper evident band shrinking machine, improves packaging quality
▶Suitable for sticking self-adhesive stickers on round bottle includes single side labeling, double sides labeling and wrap-around labeling
▶Can finish complete packaging production for liquor and wine, it is suitable for small & medium scale production

application of spirits filling line

magnetic pump filler machine

T-cork capping machineshrink band shrinking machine

bottle labeling machine

machine details of spirits filling line-1

machine details of spirits filling line-2

automatic spirits filling line



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