Automatic Flat Surface Cosmetic Cream Bottle Labeler Plastic Box Pouch Bottom Side Labeling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This automatic labeling machine is used to label stickers on the bottom side of bottles or box. It has high high labeling speed. can label 25-150 pieces/min.The touch screen control panel makes working parameter visual, which is more convenient when debugging machines.

Main Feature

▶Designed for bottom side labeling, it is good for flat/slightly arc surface.
▶ High labeling accuracy, helps you improve labeling quality.


Power supply:AC220V 50Hz/60Hz (2000W)
Labeling capacity(bottles/min):25-150 pieces/min(depends on bottle size)
Labeling accuracy(mm):±1.0mm
Suitable product size:About 40-400mm*40-100mm*30-100mm(L*W*H)
Label size(mm):(L)6-250mm* (W)20-160mm
Roll inside diameter(mm):Φ76mm
Roll outside diameter(mm):Φ280mm
Conveyor Size:200*1900mm(W)
Machine size:About (L)1900*(W)800*(H)1550(mm)
Machine weight:About 217kg
Packing Size:About (L)2050*(W)950*(H)1715(mm)
Package weight:About 315.5kg

Application of Bottom Side Labeling Machine
Label Roll Size of Bottom Side Labeling Machine
Machine Component of  Bottom Side Labeling Machine
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Automatic Bottom Side Labeling Machine
Flat Surface Labeling Machine



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