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This filling machine is controlled by the servo motor, it can realize the quantitative filling, operator enters certain number by control panel can set filling volume, it is no need to adjust filling time and speed. The rotor pump is and ideal choice for filling thick paste like jam, honey, shampoo, lotion, the high filling accuracy makes it gets a lot of popularity.

Main Feature

▶Quantitative filling, operator enters certain number directly to set filling volume.
▶With rotor pump, it can fill viscous liquid quickly and accurately.
▶Can work with capping and labeling machine to realize automated production.
▶The bottle blocking function can be turn off or not according to the operation.


Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
Power: About 230W
Machine Pump: Rotor Pump
Minimum Filling Range:50-1500ml
Filling Speed: About 25 bottles/min(based on 500ml water, depends on bottle size and liquid)
Filling Accuracy:≤±1%
Filling Nozzle Diameter: OD 25mm
Suitable Bottle Height:30mm-235mm
Suitable Bottle Diameter:30mm-110mm
Hopper Capacity: About 30L
Machine Size: About 1880*760*1510mm
Machine Weight: About 95kg
application of chili sauce filling machine
machine dimension of chili sauce filling machine
machine details of chili sauce filling machine
chili sauce filling machine



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