Automatic Culture Vial Reagent Ceramic Plunger Pump Plastic Test Tube Filling Capping Machine

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Volatge: 110V
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As we all know, most of culture vials(test tube) can not stand, so it is hard to conveying them by the regular conveyor. But this small filling capping machine solve this problem perfectly, it use the air nozzle to suck culture vials and put them into the fixing mold.This machine can fill liquid and tighten bottle caps at one machine, the ceramic pump has high filling accuracy, it is an ideal choice for small laboratory.

Main Feature

▶ With ceramic plunger pump, it can fill liquid precisely.
▶ Feed test tubes and caps, fill liquid, cap bottles at one machine, it saves space and labor cost.
▶Different kinds of filling range can be chosen as needed.


Voltage:220V 50-60Hz
Power:About 300W
Filling Pump:Ceramic Plunger Pump
Production Capacity:About 22-28pcs/min(depending on liquid and bottle size)
Filling Range:Can be customized
Filling Accuracy:±≤0.5%
Suitable Bottle Size:Can be customized
Air Pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
Machine Size:About 1460*630*720mm
Machine Weight:About 200kg

Application of Test Tube Filling Machine
Machine Component of Test Tube Filling Machine
Machine Details of Test Tube Filling Machine
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Plastic Test Tube Filling Machine



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