Automatic Cleanser Detergent Trigger Pump Spray Bottle Cap Screwing Cap Tightening Capping Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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During the automatic feeding caps process, the cap may be placed skewed due to the long tube inside bottle. This bottle cap tightening machine is designed for solving this problem, it will press the cap slightly after feeding caps and then tighten bottle caps automatically. This spray bottle capping machine is widely used in advanced cosmetics, daily chemical industries.

Main Feature

▶It is suitable for feeding bottle caps and tighten bottles, which has long tube inside bottles.
▶Can work with automatic filling and labeling machine to realize automated production


Capacity:5-25 Bottle/Min(based on bottle and cap size)
Material:304 SUS
Air pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Suitable bottles:Customize according to sample
Cap feeding way:Pneumatic fetch
Capping way:Servo drive screw capping
Machine size:About 2900*950*2000mm
Packaging size:About 3020*905*2140mm(machine),1870*1220*840mm(Vibratory bowl sorter)
Packaging weight:About 600kg(machine),316kg(Vibratory bowl sorter)
application of trigger pump capping machine
machine component of  trigger pump capping machine
machine details of  trigger pump capping machine
machine details of trigger pump capping machine-1
machine details of  trigger pump capping machine-3
trigger pump capping machine



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