Automatic Bottle Accumulation Table Automatic Bottle Sorter For Automatic Filling Production Line

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Voltage: 110V
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This automatic bottle sorting machine can contain as many bottles as possible, it helps to make bottles be in order before bottle washing or filling work. With this machine, manufacturers can save production labor and improves working efficiency.

Main Feature


▶Table size can be customized according to production need.
▶It can work with bottle washing, filling, capping and labeling machine to realize automated production.


Machine power:1.5KW
Conveyor size:1760*1425mm+960*190.5mm
Conveyor width:190.5mm(Single)
Working speed:0-20m/min
Package size:2050*1720*720mm
Package weight:276kg
application of accumulation table


machine details of accumulation table
machine dimension of accumulation table
accumulation table



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