Automatic Beer Cans Cooking Oil Liquid Nitrogen Filling Dosing Machine For Beverage Juice Filling System

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Voltage: 110V
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The liquid nitrogen dosing systems are designed to inject liquid nitrogen into the headspace of a container before capping or sealing work. The resulting pressure adds strength to thin walled containers and reduces the headspace oxygen content.It is widely used in food, beverage industries.

Main Feature

▶Equipped with temperature monitoring function, it can automatically add or subtract liquid nitrogen filling amount according to the change of filling temperature.
▶Under the condition of continuous power supply and continuous liquid nitrogen, the dosing nozzle will not condense frost


Voltage:110VAC-60Hz/220V AC-50Hz
Working speed:Max 3000 cans/H
Humidity:relative humidity 0%-100%
Noise:Continuous noise ≤78dB (A)
Machine weight:32KG
Package size:About 1220*770*470mm
Package weight:About 94kg
Application of Liquid Nitrogen Filling Machine
Machine Component of Liquid Nitrogen Filling Machine
Machine Details of Liquid Nitrogen Filling Machine
Liquid Nitrogen Filling Machine
Liquid Nitrogen Filling Machine For Filling System



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