Automatic 4 Heads Magnetic Pump Care Solution Eyedrops Juice Essential Oil Liquid Filling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
Max Flow Rate: 6L/MIN
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This automatic magnetic pump filling machine can fill liquid accurately. The filling speed of each nozzle can be controlled separately. The operation program is simple and this is good for debug the machine before using it, good for new hands. This machine is suitable for filling essential oil, eyedrops, ink etc.

Main Feature

▶ Equipped with 316 stainless steel magnetic pump, it is good for weakly corrosive liquid.
▶ Multiple filling nozzle can be customized as production need.
▶ It can work with automatic capping and labeling machine to realize automated production.

Power supply:220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ
Machine power:2000W
Container size:φ20-160mm H30-300mm
Max flow rate: 6L/min 7.5L/min 12L/min(can be chosen)
Material of pump:316stainless steel
Filling accuracy: ±1% ( based on filling material)
Filling speed:20-50pcs/min (depending on filling volume)
Size of air compressor connector:OD8mm
Packing weight: About 150kg
Packing size: About 2000*820*1580mm

Application of Liquid Filling Machine
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Automatic 4 Heads Liquid Filling Machine




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