Automatic 2 Heads Ketchup Piston Pump Honey Jam Cosmetics Cream Tomato Paste Filling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This piston pump filling machine has reasonable design and it is suitable for small scale production. Multiple filling heads can be customized as production need. It is suitable for jam, ketchup, hot sauce, dish detergent etc. Small machine body saves working space and reduce production cost.

Main Feature

▶Filling speed and filling range of 2 heads can be adjusted separately.
▶can work with capping and labeling machine, realizing automated production.


Voltage:220V/110V 50-60Hz
Filling Range:10-100/10-200/30-300/50-500/100-1000/50-2500/1000-5000ml
Filling Speed:About 800-900bottles/h(based on 300ml ketchup)
Applicable Bottle Diameter:About 53-100mm
Filling Accuracy:≤±1%
Anti-dripping function:Available
Conveyor Belt Size:1020*140mm(L*W)
Machine Size:1020*1160*870mm(L*W*H)

Application of botted ketchup filling machine
machine component of botted ketchup filling machine
machine details of botted ketchup filling machine

machine details of botted ketchup filling machine-2
Botted hot sauce filling machine




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