Cosmetic Face Cream Lotion Ointment 300L Hydraulic Type Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Gels Emulsifying Mixing Tank Cosmetic Making Equipment

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This vacuum homogenizing emulsifying equipment is used for the production of cosmetic & pharmaceutical products includes toothpaste, hand cream, cosmetic cream, ointment. The whole equipment is mainly consist of pretreatment system and emulsifying & mixing tank, the tank capacity can be customized according to production need.

Main Feature

▶ Suitable for high viscosity materials.
▶ Material granulation, emulsification, uniform mixing, dispersion, etc. can be completed in a short time.
▶ The vacuum defoaming function can make materials meet the requirement of being aseptic.

application of ointment vacuum homogenizer mixer

parameter of ointment vacuum homogenizer mixermachine dimension of ointment vacuum homogenizer mixer

machine details of ointment vacuum homogenizer mixer

ointment vacuum homogenizer mixer


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