How to Package Wine (Liquor)

▶ Brief Description

As we all know, the wine and spirits industry has long been at the forefront of product packaging innovations in the food and beverage market. Liquor occupies an important position in human history, and people's love for liquor is only increasing. So, how is the liquor packaged?

how to package wine


▶ Packaging Process

Usually the liquor package needs to go through below process:① bottle washing→ ② bottle drying→ ③ bottle labeling→ ④ liquor filling→ ⑤ bottle capping→ ⑥ bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below.

liquor filling line

▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

Now, I will list difficulties encountered in this production process from the perspective of my customers.

①Are these machine ATEX rated?

②What is the capacity for this machine of filling 500ml?

③Do you sell any units that can put bottle caps onto bottles?

④Can the labeling machine be set up for different labeling type? Like front and back side labeling, or just wrap around labeling?

▶ Our Solution

①We have the ATEX rated packaging machine. But if the alcohol concentration does not exceed 75%, you don’t have to use the ATEX rated machine.

②The working capacity depends on filling volume and material. For 500ml liquid, it is about 40-45 bottles/min

③Yes, we can offer the cap feeding machine to realize automatic cap feeding

④Yes, we have suitable labeling machine to realize different labeling methods of round and square bottles.

▶ Recommend Machine

Bottle Washing Drying Machine

This machine includes two part: water washing and air drying. It flush inner bottles with high-pressure water for a long time. After flushing, the bottle will be transported to next step: dry the bottle. The high-pressure clean air source is used to dry the inner wall of water. The rotary plate can be customized according to bottle size.


bottle washing machine



Bottle Heating Tunnel

This machine is used to dry the bottle in the packaging of liquor, ensuring that the inside and outside of the bottle are dry and without water drops, so that the next step of labeling and filling production can be processed smoothly.


bottle drying tunnel



Labeling Machine

Most of liquor like wine and gin are packaged into round or square bottles, and labels are usually labelled on the front side, or the front and back side of bottles. For meeting production needs, we recommend the ZS-TB300,it works stably and good for multiple labeling methods. If you choose the packaging of other special-shaped bottles in order to highlight the brand, you can contact us for a customized labeling solution.


bottle labeling machine


Magnetic Pump Filling Machine

Most liquor or wine producers tend to pay attention to the two things when producing products: working capacity and filling accuracy. Our magnetic pump filling machine can well control the filling accuracy while ensuring production output. This machine is equipped with 316 stainless steel magnetic pump, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, and this is especially suitable for the filling of essential oils.


magnetic pump liquid filling machine




Liquor Bottle Capping Machine

A well-sealed bottle can prevent air penetration and maintain the unique aroma of the wine and liquor. So we can see that most wine bottles on the market choose ROPP caps or corks.

A. Ropp Capping Machine

Aluminum blanks are set on a bottle, and the ROPP capping machine uses a special set of capping component to thread the cap to the bottle, shape bottle caps and provide anti-tamper and a secure seal function for products. ROPP capping machine can be customized for one or multiple heads


 ropp capping machine




Bottle Corking Machine

Bottle corking machines can be built to handle corks, T-corks and similar closures for different products, these machines are most often seen in the distilled spirits and wine industries. Whether the cork is placed by an operator or set automatically into the bottle, the capping head will apply the necessary pressure to push the cork closure into place.


bottle corking machine


▶ Our Service

Once we finish the wine filling line, we will offer testing video for double checking, please refer to the below videos.

video icon

Some manufacturers may have extra request for the packaging machine like the quantity of filling nozzle(they hope to improve working efficiency) or the related products of liquor filling line(like bottle turntable machine or sorting machine) ,we can offer customized service for these and professional advice when choosing and using machines.


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