How to Package Shampoo

▶ Brief Description

Certain features of filling equipment, especially the filling machine and capping machine, will generally appear more often in some industries. But in the personal care industry, the packaging of shampoo faces some challenges due to its viscosity and foaming properties. This offers a good example of why these general rules will not always apply.

how to package shampoo

▶ Packaging Process

Usually the shampoo package needs to go through below process: ① bottle unscramble→ ② bottle filling→ ③ bottle capping→ ④ bottle labeling→ ⑤ bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below.

working process of packaging shampoo

▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

Now, I will list difficulties encountered in this production process from the perspective of my customers. 

①Do you have any solution for a bottom-up filling to cut down on the foam?

②Do you sell any units that can put bottle caps onto bottles?

▶ Our Solution 

①For foamy liquid like shampoo, body gel, we will recommend the filling machine with diving nozzles, which can help to cut down on the foam.

②Normally the tube of shampoo bottle caps is hard and long, the caps is not easy to be placed well. So we design a structure which can imitate manual operation to put caps onto bottles well and reduce working error.

Cap Feeding Structure For Shampoo Caps

▶ Recommend Machine

Piston Pump Liquid Filling Machine

Some shampoos have a tendency to foam during the filling process, the diving filling nozzle of the equipment can well against the foam. This type of filling nozzle will automatically rise or fall after receiving the signal. When filling materials, the filling nozzle will slowly rise if the filling volume is about to reach the set value, and the filling speed will also decrease slightly to reduce rich foam. Shampoo is a medium viscous liquid. The liquid piston pump filling machine designed by us is suitable for medium viscous and non-viscous liquids such as laundry detergent, juice, water, and milk.

Diving Nozzle Filling Machine


Inline Screw Capping Machine

The bottle capping machine used for shampoos will have little to do with the product, but everything to do with the package and cap. Shampoos may use simple flip top caps,  disc top caps, screw bottle caps. pump bottle caps. The inline screw bottle capping machine is suitable for above bottle caps, simple operation and wide application help this machine gets a lot of popularity.

Trigger Pump Capping Machine

Bottle Labeling Machine

Same as the bottle capping machine, the shampoo labeling machine probably not require any special modifications. Most of shampoo are packaged into round bottles or flat bottles, and labels are usually labelled on the front of containers, the front and back of containers, or the around of containers. For meeting production needs, we recommend the ZS-TB300,it works stably and good for multiple labeling methods. If you choose the packaging of other special-shaped bottles in order to highlight the brand, you can contact us for a customized labeling solution


Automatic Labeling Machine


Suitable Labeling Type

This article only briefly describes the more important points in the shampoo packaging process. The actual packaging process will require some other machines, such as bottle unscramblers. If you have requirements for related machines, you can also contact us. Each product can have a variety of packaging solutions according to different capacity requirements and cost budgets. We can analyze the characteristics of each individual product to find the best solution for unique products and needs.


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