How to Package Perfume

▶ Brief Description

For most of perfume manufacturers, it is also important to package perfume after producing. A good package design can improves the brand image. Fragrance packaging, like any other product, presents unique challenges. For example, how to keep the fragrance of the perfume as much as possible during the filling process, whether the crimped part can be hidden (due to it looks ugly), etc.

how to package perfume

▶ Packaging Process

Usually the face cream package needs to go through the main processes of ① bottle unscramble → ② filling perfume → ③ crimping/pressing bottle caps → ④ labeling stickers→ ⑤ sorting bottle etc.filling capping and labeling are the most important parts,I will make detailed description below.


working process of packaging perfume


▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

Now, I will list difficulties encountered in this production process from the perspective of my customers.

①We have different shapes of bottles, I’m worried bottles will fall down during conveying

②Is it possible to use for 2 types perfume caps? Crimping type and pressing type we are using

③if we need change the bottle size or shape of them, the capping machine will work? or it has limitations?

▶ Our Solution

①We can customize conveyor with molds for clamping bottles, the mold can be adjusted according to bottle shape. See below image for details.

②We can customize the capping machine with two different capping structure for different kinds of bottle caps.

③Yes, this machine can work for different sizes. You need to change crimping mold for different sizes. 

▶ Recommend Machine

1.Automatic Vacuum Filling Machine

Keeping the fragrance of the perfume is the key when filling perfume. So most of manufacturer will choose the vacuum filling machine. Through vacuum operated filling, the product is bottled in a most natural way, allowing to maintain its original quality and features.


Perfume Filling Machine




2Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

There are two common types of caps for perfume bottles, one is crimping type, another is pressing type. This capping machine is with two capping head and it can be used for these two kinds of bottle caps. These two capping head can be controlled separately. It is also can be used for pressing collar ring.

Perfume Capping Machine


3. Round & Flat Bottle Labeling Machine

The labeling head is different for round bottles and flat bottles. There are two different labeling structure of this machine. You can choose one of them to label stickers  according to bottle types. This labeling machine is good for single and double side labeling.


Bottle Labeling Machine

▶ Our Service

After confirming all the details with customers, we will offer the technical drawing of the perfume filling line for reference as shown below.

Layout of Perfume Filling Line

Some manufacturers may have extra request for the packaging machine like the quantity of filling nozzle(they hope to improve working efficiency) or the related products of perfume filling line(perfume filter, bottle turntable machine or sorting machine) ,we can offer customized service for these and professional advice when choosing and using machines.


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