How to Package Olive Oil

▶ Brief Description

As we all know, it is not only the chemicals inside the bottle that affect the quality and nutritional value of olive oil, but the packaging is also very important. Research data shows that olive oil packaged in glass containers can better maintain the freshness and acidity of olive oil. So, how exactly is olive oil packaged?

how to package olive oil


▶ Packaging Process

Usually the olive oil package needs to go through below process: ① bottle washing→ ② bottle drying→ ③ bottle labeling→ ④ olive oil filling→ ⑤ bottle capping→ ⑥ bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below.

olive oil filling line

▶ Recommend Machine

1. Bottle Washing Drying Machine

This machine includes two part: water washing and air drying. It flush inner bottles with high-pressure water for a long time. After flushing, the bottle will be transported to next step: dry the bottle. The high-pressure clean air source is used to dry the inner wall of water. The rotary plate can be customized according to bottle size.

bottle washing machine

2. Bottle Heating Tunnel

This machine is used to dry the bottle in the packaging of olive oil, ensuring that the inside and outside of the bottle are dry and without water drops, so that the next step of labeling and filling production can be processed smoothly.

bottle drying tunnel

3. Labeling Machine

The labeling head is different for round bottles and flat bottles. There are two different labeling structure of this machine. You can choose one of them to label stickers  according to bottle types. This labeling machine is good for single and double side labeling.

bottle labeling machine


4.Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine

The peristaltic pump filling machine has the advantage that the liquid will not pass through the pump. This can ensures the original quality of olive oil. We designed this machine with diving nozzles, it can prevent from spraying out olive oil during filling, improves working efficiency.

magnetic pump liquid filling machine


5.Ropp Bottle Capping Machine

A well-sealed bottle can prevent air penetration and increase the shelf life of olive oil. So we can see that most olive oil bottles on the market choose ROPP caps, which can ensure the tightness of the bottles during transportation.The roatry plate of this machine will be customized according to bottle size.

 ropp capping machine

Some manufacturers may have extra request for the packaging machine like the quantity of filling nozzle(they hope to improve working efficiency) or the related products of olive oil filling line(like bottle turntable machine or sorting machine) ,we can offer customized service for these and professional advice when choosing and using machines.


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