How to Package Hand Sanitizer

▶ Brief Description

As countries continue to fight the current epidemic, certain products are becoming more and more popular for consumers and, of course, becoming more important. Hand sanitizer that can help stop the spread of the virus is one such product. We have received a lot of information, hoping that we can provide assistance in the production of hand sanitizer packaging.

how to package hand sanitizer

▶ Packaging Process

Usually the hand sanitizer package needs to go through below process: ① bottle unscramble→ ② bottle filling→ ③ bottle capping→ ④ bottle labeling→ ⑤ bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below.


working process of packaging hand sanitizer

▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

Now, I will list difficulties encountered in this production process from the perspective of my customers.

①Are these machine ATEX rated?

②Do you sell any units that can put bottle caps onto bottles?

③Can the labeling machine be set up for different labeling type? Like front and back side labeling, or just wrap around labeling?

▶ Our Solution

①We have the ATEX rated packaging machine. But if the alcohol concentration does not exceed 75%, you don’t have to use the ATEX rated machine.

②Normally the tube of hand sanitizer bottle caps is hard and long, the caps is not easy to be placed well. So we design a structure which can imitate manual operation to put caps onto bottles well and reduce working error.

③Yes, we have suitable labeling machine to realize different labeling methods of round and square bottles.

▶ Recommend Machine

1.Explosion Proof Filling Machine

As we all know, in order to achieve cleansing effect, hand sanitizer usually contains a certain amount of alcohol. Most of the mechanical equipment is plugged in. When the alcohol content is too high (above 75%), some customers worry that the heat generated by the current will detonate the machinery. For this reason, we designed an explosion-proof filling machine, the circuit system is made into an independent box, completely separated from the filling components, to ensure the safety of the filling process. This filling machine is suitable for filling flammable liquids.

Explosion Proof Filling Machine


2. Piston Pump Filling Machine

If the alcohol content in the product is not high (less than 75%) and the cost budget is limited, we recommend a liquid piston pump filling machine. The liquid piston pump filling machine is suitable for medium and low viscosity liquids, such as gels, shampoos, laundry detergents, etc. A variety of filling ranges are available, and customers can choose according to their own production needs.  

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

3. Explosion Proof Capping Machine

Like the bottle filling, the type of capping machine used for hand sanitizer may differ based on the closure used for the bottles being filled. However, many hand sanitizers use a continuous-thread, or screw-on type closure. Like pump bottle caps, trigger pump bottle caps, spray bottle caps, the classic screw bottle caps. The explosion proof capping machine is suitable for various kinds of bottles caps and the circuit system is made into an independent box which is same as the explosion proof filling machine. This is good for hand sanitizer with high alcohol content.


Explosion Proof Capping Machine


4.Automatic Screw Capping Machine

Same as the explosion proof capping machine, any of above closure types can be also tightened by using the inline screw capping machine, which is able to serve the needs of packaging products both large and small. It also has the feeding structure which can imitate manual operation to put caps onto bottles well and reduce working error.


Automatic Capping Machine



5. Bottle Labeling Machine

Some manufacturers may use a wrap around label while others apply just a front label or a front and back label. The bottle shape is also important, the labeling structures will be differ based on bottle shape and labeling machine. We recommend the ZS-TB300 labeling machine, which can meet the production for most of labeling methods .The labeling structures of this machine can be controlled separately.


Double Side Labeling Machine For Hand Sanitizer



Other equipment - turntables, conveyors, rinsing machinery and more - is available to allow packagers of hand sanitizer to assemble a complete packaging line to meet their own unique needs, all from SUNHAN! For more information on any of the equipment used for hand sanitizer, do not hesitate, contact us soon !  


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