How To Package Essential Oil 


▶ Brief Description

With the increasing demand for essential oils and competitive essential oil business, it is important to have the right packaging to attract the attention of consumers. Let's take our desktop essential oil filling production line(filling capping and labeling machine) as an example to describe how SUNHAN provides suitable packaging solutions to solve the production problems encountered by our customers. 

How To Package Essential Oil


▶ Packaging Process

Before that, we need to briefly understand general packaging processes of essential oil packaging. Usually the essential oil package needs to go through below process:① essential oil bottle unscramble→ ② essential oil filling→ ③essential oil bottle capping→ ④ essential oil bottle labeling→ ⑤essential oil bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below. You can check the diagram below to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process.

Essential Oil Packaging Working Process


▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

Now, I will list difficulties encountered in this production process from the perspective of my customers.

①Filling accuracy: I need to fill essential oil into 10ml bottles, what about the filling error?

②Bottle fall down: The bottle is really small, I am afraid that they will fall down during filling/capping/labeling work.

Suitable Caps: I have two kinds of caps, one is the dropper bottle caps, another is the regular screw caps , is the capping machine suitable for these two caps?

⑤Labeling stickers: I need a machine that can label stickers on single side or both sides the round bottles, is it possible?

④Scratch cover: How to ensure the machine will not scratch the metal dropper caps of essential oil bottles

Working space: The space is not big enough, and I am also finding the lower budget machines, any advice will be appreciated.

Production: Is it possible to package 1500 bottles/hour?

▶ Our Solution 

①For essential oils, which are low viscosity and require filling machine has high filling accuracy, we recommend the 316 stainless steel magnetic pump filling machine. For filling volume above 5ml liquid, the filling accuracy can be ±1% of filling volume. This kind of filling machine is also suitable for eyedrops, skin toner, ink etc.

②Most essential oils are packaged in small bottles, which have a small contact area at the bottom and can fall over during the automated production process. For this problem, there are two solutions

A.Choose the monoblock filling capping machine, which usually has custom starwheel (according to bottle diameter ), this kind of machine normally combines the filling structure with the capping structure (or even the cap feeding structure). A custom starwheel ensures that the bottle does not fall over during transport. The disadvantage is the monoblock filling capping machine is not suitable for packaging different sizes of bottles.

B. Choose inline filling machine, capping machine(and labeling machine), adjust the guardrails on both sides of the conveyor belt according to the diameter of the bottle, the guardrail can prevent the bottle from falling over during the production process. This solution is not only suitable for multiple sizes of bottles, but also maximizes the production speed (usually 1800-2000 bottles/hour) compared to the monoblock filling and capping machine

③Whether it's a dropper cap or a regular screw cap(with stopper inside), the cap will have threads that correspond to the bottle neck. The capping structure of our capping machine consists of four soft rubber wheels with a clamping head assembly in the middle. During the capping process, the pressing head will press the cap first to ensure that the cap is flat and  will be tightened smoothly.

④Not all essential oil producers need to worry about machines scratching the metal dropper caps, a problem that usually occurs when the caps are fed by machines rather than by hand. But we've recently got the proper way to deal with this. We designed the cap feeding structure as shown below (click here to watch video), which can simulate the human hand to put bottle dropper caps and reduce the problems of metal scratches or glass dropper damage that may occur in production. This cap feeding component can be assembled on the capping machine according to production requirements.

Feeding Structure of Dropper Bottle Capper


Most essential oil bottles are round, we do have the round bottle labeling machine for single side and double side labeling. If your label stickers is transparent, we can customize the label sensor to improve labeling accuracy. For flat bottles, you can send us your bottle size and we will offer suitable solution to you.

⑥⑦In order to meet the conditions of small production space, low budget, and meet production demand, we designed the small desktop automatic filling, capping and labeling machine, the automated production ensures working efficiency and reduce production error, and saves working space greatly.

▶ Recommend Machine


 Essential Oil Filling Line


Small Filling Capping Labeling Machine

Essential Oil Packaging System

Small Monoblock Filling Capping Machine & Labeling Machine

▶ Our Service

After confirming all the details with customers, we will offer the technical drawing of the essential oil filling line for reference as shown below.

Layout of Essential Oil Filling Line


Once we finish the essential oil filling line, we will offer testing video for double checking, please refer to the below videos.

Video Icon

You may notice in this video that the drop cover assembly mentioned above is not present, as I described above, this assembly is assembled according to the needs of the customer. If you want to know more information, you can send an email to us.



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