How to Package Cosmetic Cream

▶ Brief Description

For most of face cream manufacturers, it is also important to package face cream after producing. Good packaging design can increase customers' love of the product. Cosmetic products can range from thin liquid products such as skin toner and body oils to thicker face creams and lotions for skin care or hair.  For serving a large variety of product types, different machine components will be equipped with to realize the most perfect work.

how to package cosmetic cream

▶ Packaging Process

Usually the face cream package needs to go through the main processes of ① bottle unscramble → ② filling face cream → ③ pressing inside plug → ④ capping outer cap→ ⑤ labeling bottle stickers → ⑥ sorting bottle etc. filling capping and labeling are the most important parts, I will make detailed description below.

working process of packaging cosmetic cream


▶ Recommend Machine

Piston pump filling machine is the most commonly used machine for filling face cream. Face cream is a filling material with poor fluidity. When filling this type of material, the piston pump can make the filling of the material smoother and faster due to the power of the large cylinder. The filling range can also be adjusted by controlling the movement distance of the cylinder. Mixing or heating function can be selected according to production needs


Paste Filling Machine For Face Cream



2. Capping Machine

Most of face cream are designed with inside plug, it prevents the cream from oxidizing in excessive contact with the air and can protect the purity of the cream .In this situation, the capping machine will not only tighten the outer cap of the bottle, but also need to compress the inner stopper of the bottle before that. This machine has two capping head and each one can work separately or at the same time. And these meet the need of capping face cream bottles.


Bottle Capping & Pressing Machine



2. Labeling Machine

Round bottle labeling can be divided into single side labeling and double side labeling. This automatic labeling machine can label stickers accurately and can be adjusted for single side and double side labeling. It is an ideal choice for round bottles.

Round Bottle Capping Machine



Some manufacturers may have extra request for the packaging machine like the quantity of filling nozzle(they hope to improve working efficiency) or the related products of face cream filling line(like bottle turntable machine or sorting machine) ,we can offer customized service for these and professional advice when choosing and using machines.


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