How To Package Juice

▶ Brief Description

Not surprisingly, the beverage industry is one of the industries closely related to the packaging machinery industry. From fruit juice, water, tea to non-carbonated beverages, SUNHAN packaging machinery can be applied. This industry may account for a larger proportion than any other general category. Although there is a wide variety of products in beverages, which means that no one packaging system is suitable for all beverages, some general-purpose machines may be found on packaging systems for all these liquids. Below, we will take the juice as an example to see how the juice is packaged.

how to package bottled juice


▶ Packaging Process

Usually the juice package needs to go through below process: ① bottle unscramble→ ② bottle filling→ ③ bottle capping→ ④ bottle labeling→ ⑤ bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below.

working process of packaging bottled juice

▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

①Machine Material: Is your machine food grade?

②Jam With Grains: my jam is with grains, will these block the machine during filling?

Filling Nozzle QuantityIs it possible to add 2 mouths instead of 4 to make 6?

④Diving Nozzle: Is it possible to make the nozzles long so that they go deeper into the bottle to prevent foaming

⑤Bottle Height:In the capping machine it is written up to a bottle height of 30 cm.  I have 33 cm high bottles, won't they fit?

⑥Labeling Method: I need to label my stickers on round and square bottles, which machine will you suggest ?

▶ Our Solution

Yes. The part of the machine body in contact with the material can be customized with food-grade stainless steel when filling juice, edible oil.

②When filling juice with grains, we normally use the piston pump filling machine, And the valve of this kind of filling machine can be customized, we can make it larger and the machine will not be jammed during filling.

Working Principle of Piston Pump

③Yes, the quantity of filling nozzles can be customized as production need(For most of our filling machine)This can help to improve production capacity.

④For prevent foaming, we can customize the diving nozzles,which will automatically go up and down during filling,this can prevent that the liquid spraying out and good for foamy liquid.

⑤The working height of the machine can be customized according to operation need.

⑥We have the suitable labeling machine for round & square bottles, it can be used to single side and double side on round or square bottles.

▶ Recommend Machine

Piston Pump Liquid Filling Machine

This piston pump filling machine is suitable for filling medium and low viscosity liquids with fine and soft particles. It has diving nozzles for solving the problem problem of rich foam.  Another advantage of this machine is the high working speed ,this can ensure the working capacity. This machine is also suitable for filling water, milk, tea drinks, non-carbonated beverages.


Diving Nozzle Filling Machine


Click SH-YT4T-4D to Know More Details

Inline Screw Capping Machine(For Screw-on Caps)

The type of capping machine used on juice products will depend on the type of closure being used to seal the bottle or other container. Many juice bottles use a simple screw-on type cap, this makes inline screw capping machine very popular in this industry. The ZS-XG16 capping machines use three or four tightening rubber wheels to spin the cap when the container passes down the conveyor,and the bottle will be kept stably until finishing capping work.This machine is suitable for most of screw-on caps like flip-top caps,spray bottle caps.However, certain products within the industry will typically use something other than a screw on cap. I will introduce in other solutions.

Cap Tightening Machine(For Twist-off Caps)

You may also see some juice bottles are sealed by the twist-off caps. It needs larger torsion to cap this type of closure due to it just has a few screw threads. The side clamping structure of the ZS-XG440D capping machine will clamp bottle tightly to stop it rotating and maintain a stable, upright position. And at the same time, the overhead capping component will rotate to tighten bottles. The size of capping component can be customized according to bottle cap diameter.

Like other industries, the beverage industry will use unique label stickers to highlight the brand to the consumer. For this reason, label stickers can take on many different formats.It maybe a wrap-around label,a front and back label or just a front label. Labeling formats depends on the type of bottle or container being used.

Click SH-XG16 or SH-XG440T to Know More Details


Labeling Machine (For Round & Square Bottles)

In this situation, we will recommend the ZS-TB300 labeling machine. Two labeling structure at one machine, one for round bottles, another one for square bottles. These two labeling structure can work together or separately.

Labeling Machine (Only For Round Bottles)

Compared with square bottles, round bottles will be more comfortable to hold in the hand, this will be particularly important for the juice brand that are being marketed primarily towards children. herefore, we will recommend the ZS-TB260 bottle labeling machine, it is suitable for most of labeling formats of round bottles. But if you need the labeling solution for flat bottles, you can contact us to know more details of the flat bottle labeling machine.

Click SH-TB300 or SH-TB260 to Know More Details

In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, beverage packagers can also use other related equipment according to their personal needs and wishes.Like Induction sealers and bottle umscrambler. Like any other industry, we need to analyze products, containers, production requirements, working space and other factors before determining the best packaging solution for a single project. If you have beverage products and want to know more about packaging machinery in this industry, please feel free to contact us.


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