How To Package Jam

▶ Brief Description

Packaging jams, preserves may like almost any other product can face some unique challenges. These products will often include chunks or particulates of fruit, and as a food product, may have a limited expiration date and require sanitary packaging.During packaging process, not only is it a challenge to get the fruit into the container, but it is also a challenge to prevent the fruit from settling at the bottom of the material tank.

How To Package Jam


▶ Packaging Process

Usually the jam package needs to go through below process: ① bottle unscramble→ ② bottle filling→ ③ bottle capping→ ④ bottle labeling→ ⑤ bottle sorting. I will make detailed description of the main production parts below.

Packaging Process of Packaging Bottled Jam




▶ Difficulties in Packaging Process

Now, I will list difficulties encountered in this production process from the perspective of my customers.

①Machine Material: is your machine food grade?

②Jam With Grains: my jam is with grains, will these block the machine during filling?

③Mix & Heat Jam: Can it be equipped with a stirring component to stir jam more evenly ?

▶ Our Solution 

①Yes. The part of the machine body in contact with the material can be customized with food-grade stainless steel when filling food like jam, tomato paste, mayonnaise, peanut butter, honey.

②When filling jam or sauce which has grains, we normally use the piston pump filling machine, And the valve of this kind of filling machine can be customized, we can make it larger and the machine will not be jammed during filling.

Working Principle of Piston Pump


Yes.To improve the taste of jam or other sauce, the filling machine can be equipped with mixing and heating component to mix and heat jam or other sauce before filling.

▶ Recommend Machine


Jam Filling Line


Automatic Jam Filling Capping Labeling Machine



Automatic Piston Pump Filling Machine

The filling of jam and similar products (such as chili sauce, chocolate sauce) usually uses piston pump filling machines. This type of product is more suitable for thicker products and products with particulates, such as seeds or even fruit pieces. When jam is too viscous to flow through the filling machine, manufacturers will heat the jam to reduce its viscosity so that it can flow through the machine. Therefore, the filling machine needs to have a heating function. Secondly, when pouring filling material into the storage tank for easy filling, another problem arises. The particulates have a tendency to settle on the bottom of the storage tank. This settling will result in uneven filling of the final finished product, which does not contain fresh fruit particles. In order to solve this problem, the piston pump filling machine also needs to have a stirring function. SUNHAN's Piston Pump filling machine can solve these two problems perfectly, and the mixing and heating function can be controlled separately.


Cap Tightening Machine(For Twist-off Caps & Screw Caps)

The jam bottle will be usually designed with the twist-off caps or screw caps on the market. And they all have a common feature: the cap has few threads but capping effect is good.ZS-XG440D cap tightening machine is an ideal choice for these two kinds of caps. The side clamping structure will clamp bottle tightly to stop it rotating and maintain a stable, upright position. And at the same time, the capping component will rotate to tighten bottles. The size of capping component can be customized according to bottle cap diameter. To ensure the capping effect, this machine normally has larger torsion.  


Bottle Labeling Machine

The Labeling machine for jams will probably not require any special modifications.  Jam bottle labels are usually labelled on the front of containers, the front and back of containers, or the around of containers. This labeling machine is suitable for labeling stickers on round bottles, and it can meet your labeling needs.

▶ Our Service

After confirming all the details with customers, we will offer the technical drawing of the jam filling line for reference as shown below.

Layout of Jam Filling Line

Once we finish the jam filling line, we will offer testing video for double checking, please refer to the below video.



Again, like any other product, jams can present unique issues when using automatic packaging machinery. These issues are easily handled by choosing the correct packaging equipment to handle the unique characteristics of these products. If you need the custom package solution, please contact us.



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