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What is ROPP Capping Machine & How Does It Work

Ⅰ. What does ROPP mean

Roll-On Pilfer Proof, abbreviated as RoPP, is a type of cap that is extensively used for packaging in various industries, notably in the food & beverages and pharmaceutical sectors. The name stems from its design and function; it "rolls on" to the bottle and provides a "pilfer-proof" seal, indicating tampering if there has been any unauthorized attempt to open it. The primary motive behind this technology is to ensure product safety and integrity while also providing consumer assurance.


Ⅱ. What is ROPP Capper

ROPP caps are usually unthreaded aluminum shell. During the capping process it is placed over the neck of the bottle while the thread forming wheel rotates around the aluminum shell and presses against the shell to form the threads of the bottles and lock the bottle

Ropp Capper

The Roll-On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) capping machine operates on a principle that involves accurate bottle positioning under the capping head via the conveyor belt or the machine's indexing part. The uncapped bottle is then fitted with a cap that the machine picks from the cap feeder in automatic machines or manually in semi-automatic machines. Upon accurately placing the cap on the bottle, the capping head, equipped with threading and flanging rollers, descends onto the cap, forming the thread and seal simultaneously. It provides a balanced, symmetrical pressure that not only secures the cap but also creates a tamper-evident seal through a crimping process. The machine then releases the bottle onto the conveyor system for further processing, and the capping head returns to its original position for the next bottle.  Some machines are designed to handle multiple bottles concurrently or integrate with filling and labeling machines for a complete production line.

Ⅲ. Application of ROPP Capper

ROPP cappers are most widely applied in industries that require secure, tamper-evident sealing of their products. They are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry to package medications, ensuring product safety and integrity. The food & beverages industry employs them for products such as wines, spirits, olive oil, and various juices.

Application of ROPP Capper

Ⅳ. Machine Component of ROPP Capper 

An ROPP capper consists of various integral parts that work together to perform the capping process. The key components include

Automatic Ropp Capping Machine

Cap Feeder: When the vibrating plate body vibrates, the materials inside are affected by the vibrational force, moving along a specific transmission groove or trajectory within the plate. The vibration causes the material to continually rise, while gravity moves the material along a preset path, thus achieving automatic sorting and directional transmission to the capping area.

Cap Chute: It arranges the caps in the right direction before placing them on the bottle.

Star Wheel: The star wheel is a rotary device with multiple slots that are designed to fit the shape of the containers (usually bottles) being capped. As the containers move along the conveyor, the star wheel grabs them and aligns them precisely under the capping heads. The star wheel is usually custom designed to match the specific containers being used, ensuring that it can accurately align them without damaging them.

Capping Head: The capping head, equipped with specially designed rollers, descends onto the cap. These rollers are designed to fit the specific grooves and ridges of the cap. The rollers engage the cap and apply a controlled rolling action. This action forms the threads of the cap and the bottle neck, creating a secure seal. Many ROPP caps include a tamper-evident band, which is a small ring of material attached to the main cap. During the capping process, the rollers also form this band around the bottle's neck. If the cap is later removed, the band will break, providing evidence of tampering.

Bottles Conveying System: A conveyor belt that moves the bottles through the machine.

Ⅴ.Working Process

The working process of an ROPP capper starts with the cap feeder, which moves the caps to the chute. The sorter organizes the caps to be properly aligned before they are placed on the bottles. The bottles, moved by the conveyor system, are then met by the already positioned caps.

The crimping head, which is essentially a spinning device with specifically designed threading rollers, descends onto the cap. As the head rotates, the threading rollers "roll" the cap's threads onto the matching threads of the bottle, creating a secure and tight seal. Once the capping is done, the head lifts, and the conveyor belt moves the sealed bottle away, making room for the next one

working process of ropp capping machine

Ⅵ.Types of Ropp Capper

According to the degree of automation, the ROPP cappers can be divided into two types: semi-automatic and automatic.

Semi-Automatic ROPP Cappers: These require some manual intervention. Typically, an operator is needed to place the cap onto the bottle and put bottle under the crimping head, after which the machine takes over to seal the cap. These are typically used in smaller operations or where full automation isn't practical or cost-effective

semi-automatic ropp capping machine

Automatic ROPP Cappers: These machines are completely automated. They automatically sort, place, and seal the caps onto the bottles, all at high speed. They are commonly used in high-volume production lines where efficiency and speed are paramount.

automatic ropp capping machine

Inline ROPP Capping Machine: Compared with the rotary ropp capping machine, the inline ropp capping machine is suitable for various kinds of bottle shape, and it is no need to change any machine component if you need the machine to work for different sizes of bottles. This one is also designed with bottleneck supporting structure, which is good for the plastic soft bottles, it can prevent bottles from damaging during capping work.

inline ropp capping machine


Q: Can ROPP Cappers handle different sizes of bottles and caps?

A: Yes, most modern ROPP cappers can be adjusted or have interchangeable parts to accommodate different sizes and shapes of bottles and caps. 

Q: Is the ROPP capping machine suitable for the stelvin screw caps

A: Yes. The ROPP capping machine can be customized according to your cap size, ensures the capping quality.

In conclusion, the ROPP capper is a pivotal machine in industries requiring secure, tamper-proof sealing of their products. It is also very common to work with automatic filling, labeling machine to realize the complete production in beverage, liquor industries.The efficient operation and versatile application of ROPP capping machine make it an invaluable asset for preserving product integrity and consumer trust.If you are finding the complete packaging solution for yur liquor/beverage production, please send me e-mails by

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