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Basic Introduction of Pouch Labeling Machine

What is pouch labeling machine

Packing products in bags and sticking your own unique logo or information labels is an important part that many manufacturers have to face in the packaging process. A reliable bag labeling machine needs to have the following characteristics

High precision

The conveyor belt of SUNHAN's pouch labeler is angled to secure product on one side of the belt as it passes under the labeling head during transport, this can prevent the bag from skewing. At the same time, the labeling head adopts the top roller to press the workpiece, which can effectively prevent the bag from wrinkling. The labeling error of this machine is usually ±1mm


This pouch labeling machine can work with the paging machine to increase the feeding speed. For regular paper bag labeling, the stable speed can reach up to 120 pieces/min. The specific labeling speed will vary according to the length of the label and the size of the bag.


It is suitable for flat labeling or self-adhesive film on various items such as packaging bags, boxes, cartons, etc. It can also be used for flat labeling of large products and flat objects with a wide range of specifications.

Easy to operate

The mechanical adjustment components are integrated together, the label winding design is ingenious, and the adjustment of the labeling position and angle is simple and convenient, which makes the conversion between different products and label winding easy and time-saving.

Service guarantee

The machine will be shipped after debugging, user manual, installation video and debugging video will  be offered as well. If there are other problems with the machine, we will provide one-on-one video chat service to help you solve the problem

We usually also encounter packaging solutions with the following two requirements

①Need automatic bag feeding

It can be equipped with a paging machine to realize automatic bag supply. Regular paper bags will work fine. If some bags cannot be automatically fed by the paging machine (for example, the bag is too thick, or the bag is too soft), the automatic bag feeding function can be realized by using an adsorption machine component. 

SH-TB832-Regular pouch labeling machine with bag feeding machine
Pouch Labeling Machine With Automatic Feeder

 SH-TB832-Change bag feeding structure according to bag material

②Label stickers on both sides of the bag

This can use our top & bottom side labeling machine, the upper and lower sides of the machine are equipped with flat labeling heads, which can be used to label on both sides of the object

Top & Bottom Side Labeling Machine for Pouch

SH-TB602 Top & bottom side labeling machine

If you are finding the smaller type pouch labeling machine, you can choose below two machines

①Semi-automatic flat surface labeling machine

Semi-automatic Pouch Labeling Machine

 SH-TB802 Semi-automatic flat surface labeling machine

②Tabletop type automatic flat surface labeling machine

Tabletop Pouch Labeling Machine

 SH-TB150PB Tabletop pouch labeling machine

Custom Label Applicators For Your Bags

If your bag labeling is not one of these typical solutions, please contact us to customize labeling equipment for your bag labeling; in order to better recommend the machine and send quotation, please also tell us the following information:

1. The shape and size of your pouch or product
2. Label size
3. How is the label attached to the bag or container? Can you provide pictures or videos for detailed description
4. Capacity (how many pieces need to be done per minute or hour)


We are passionate about tackling challenging projects. If you do not see a packaging solution for your product on our website, it does not mean that we cannot provide a packaging solution for your product. You can send your requirements to our email: We will reply within 24 hours. We are happy to share some of the more specific examples we have come across, such as the following

①Label application on oversized bags

② Integrate the labeling machine into the bag filling & sealing machine

③ Equipped with a label printing machine at the front end of the bag labeling machine

If you are interested in customized packaging solution, please send us email.

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