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How To Choose A Bottle Capping Machine

There are different kinds of capping machine on the market , you may be confused about how to choose the suitable capping machine when you try to package your bottles. Below I will give you some suggestion and hope these can help you.

①Inline Screw Capping Machine

This kind of capping machine is particularly common because it is relatively easy to adjust to cope with different cap types and sizes.The machines use three or four tightening rubber wheels to spin the cap when the container passes down the conveyor, and side clamping structure will clamp bottle tightly to stop it rotating and maintain a stable, upright position.It is suitable for regular bottles with screws like sports caps, pump caps, and trigger caps.


Inline Screw Capping Machine


②Cap Tightening Machine

Compared with the inline screw capping machine,the cap tightening machine insert the cap into the inner side of the capping component, and rotate the capping component to tighten the cap on the bottle. This type of capping method has greater capping torque than inline screw capping. However, due to the friction between the bottle capr and the rubber inside the capping component, the cap may be damaged if the machine is not adjusted properly. This type of capping head is often used to tighten metal twist-off caps.

Cap Tightening Machine

③Snap Capping Machine

This kind of capping machine presses the cap into place with an overhead mechanism rather than using side rubber wheels to tighten the cap.It is suitable for T-cork,bottle inner plug and outer cover.

Snap Capping Machine

Ropp Caping Machine

The ROPP capping machine forms threads on the bottle cap when sealing the container. The lid is a non-threaded aluminum billet, which is pressed onto the container by the machine and shaped around the threads on the bottleneck. ROPP capping machines provide good sealing and tamper-proof security, and can be customized with  multiple heads. However, it is difficult to adjust the machine for different bottle caps, and the bottle needs to be made of heavy glass or plastic to cope with the pressure.It is usually used to cap olive oil bottles and wine bottles.

Ropp Caping Machine

Crimping & Pressing Machine

These two capping methods are prepared for perfume bottles. As we all know, perfume pumps can be divided into crimp-style pumps and press-on style pumps . The 5-A capping head is suitable for crimp style pumps. The cylinder of the machine will drive the capping head to press down and crimp the perfume pump head to seal the bottle. Because the crimped part of the pump could look ugly, Upscale marketers frequently put a collar around the crimped area of the pump to make it hidden.And the capping head of 5-B is designed for compressing the collar ring of perfume bottle. Its principle is similar to the snap capper, which is to presses the cap into place with an overhead mechanism. There is also a press-on style pump on the market, and the 5-B capping head is also suitable for this. The capping head can fit with the metal part of the outer ring of the perfume pump, pressing the cap on the bottle and will not damaging the spray nozzle part.

Crimping & Pressing Machine

Effective bottle cap tightening machines play an important role in the production lines of different industries (including food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines), and the right options can maximize your investment. This guide only provides some insights on the working principle of some capping machines. For packaging of other products that are not included in the guide, you can provide us with detailed information. SUNHAN’s experienced technicians will help you understand how the machine works. Integrated into the production line to help you plan your way forward



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